Not a Member of any Political Party

Why Me?

Why me? Because it's time to change the type of person we put in these important positions. We need to select someone that will be in touch with, work for and represent the American People. I am that person. I am not a career politician, I'm not a member of any Secret Society or the CIA. I don't owe any favors to anyone. I don't recognize the "Political Party System"... I don't know or want to know what it means to be a "Democrat" or a "Republican" or a "Liberal" or a "Moderate" or a "Conservative"... I don't care about "Party Lines" or playing with peoples lives. I look at each issue individually and find people that have insight and ideas on how to make these areas better for America. I'm not interested in a career in politics. I want to do my 4 years or 8 years and move on with my life. I hope that after my time in office we will continue to have similar people come forward to lead the country. 

Some issues I have strong opinions on. These include Deporting Illegal Aliens and Reopening the 9/11/01 Investigation. I feel strongly that we must hold people in positions of power to high standards. That we must punish the bad people and celebrate/recognize the good people in this country. I believe that we must encourage our citizens to Dream, be Creative and have Goals. I believe we must put people in positions to Succeed, to Feel Good and to have real Opportunity to achieve those Goals. 

I am always interested in learning from people. I want to know when people disagree with me on issues. I want to be contacted directly and told how those issues effect the people they love, where they think I'm wrong and what ideas they have going forward. I will always consider new information and re-evaluate my position accordingly. 

I promise to work all 1461 days in office. I will consider every day a great opportunity to serve the American People. There is so much to do I can't imagine wanting a day off. I will not actively campaign for a 2nd term. I will do the minimum to get on your ballot and if you choose to have me for four more years I will be honored to continue to serve. You will make that choice solely based on my performance in the first four years. 

I can win in 2016. I will need a lot of help getting the number of votes this will require. I have a detailed plan to get there. To win I need your help. 

Ed Baker