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I'm asking for your Help

To win I need all the help I can get from my supporters. The main thing is raising awareness. I will be running this campaign on a tiny fraction of what my biggest competitors will spend. I need your help to reach every person possible. We can do this in a number of ways... the main thing is you telling people that you know. Encourage them to come to this website. Tell them why you are supporting me. I need your help with getting on Radio Shows and in Newspapers. On this site you will find links to your local media and it would help me if you contact them asking for coverage of my campaign. In weeks ahead there will be Apparel, Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs available to help advertise our message. Social Media can reach a lot of people quickly. Please add me on Facebook and share my posts on your page. Encourage your friends to continue sharing them and to add me. I need to get on every ballot. I will need help with getting signatures. In the "State" section you will find some information about that. I can't start petitioning until I have named my Running Mate. In most states we can't start petitions until 2016. That means we will have to move fast when we are able to start. I need volunteers to help. We'll be very organized and use our time well. I will expand on this page in the weeks ahead. For now some of the items below will link to other pages where you can immediately start helping. Thank you! Together we can do amazing things! - Ed Baker